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    Exciting News

    Exciting news is coming soon! No, we aren’t going anywhere, so rest assured that the local ownership and people-driven service you’ve come to rely on will still be there for you. Keep your eyes peeled for more coming in early April. In the meantime, take a moment to make sure we have your up-to-date email address and phone number. Call us at 541-607-2042 or send us a message with that information through our contact form here. 

    Pickup Schedule Update – Week of March 4th

    Collection Schedule Update– Week of March 4th (9:00am)

    We are currently working today on schedule for all routes in the Danebo, River Rd, South Eugene & Coburg Rd areas.

    If you are a customer in the South Hills area, please make sure to place your carts out by 7:00am on your normal pickup day as we will be trying access all route areas this week in the south hills. We will take extras for no additional charge this week only from these South Eugene areas we were not able to service last week.

    Please check back for more updates.