Our Roots

The story behind Lane Apex is the story of our family and our commitment to operating a company that make life better for our community, customers, and employees.

Our roots go way back to 1950, when grandfather, Samuel Miller, outfitted his 1938 Ford truck with a special box and began collecting garbage in Portland. And although it wasn’t called recycling back then, he also sorted through his loads for items that could be refurbished or reused. After years of hard work and success in that city, his son, Arnie relocated the family and purchased a business in a smaller community in 1979 – Eugene.

Thirty seven years later, Sam Miller has continued the tradition his grandfather began. We’re constantly seeking the latest customer-friendly, earth-considerate techniques and technology.



Our Goal

“Take care of your customers and they will take care of you”, was the motto and belief that Arnie Miller founded Lane Apex Disposal on, and we are still committed to that same philosophy, that our customers are the reason we exist and strive to serve them at the highest level each and every day. Our programs and service plans are not based on a corporate protocol and structure, but on what our customers need.

Our Employees

We would not be what we are today as a company without the hard work and dedication of our employees. The average tenure of our employees is 8 years and 32% of our employees have been with us for 10 years or more. It is their commitment to the company’s goals of excellence in service and teamwork that keeps our customers satisfied.


Locally Owned and Flexible

As a small, family-owned and operated company, we’re part of your community. Our customers are important to us and we believe they deserve the best service at a fair price.

Weekly Recycling – Simple and Easy

We offer weekly recycling pickup with a cart, so you can put your recycling out any week you choose—no schedules to remember. And our commingled recycling program eliminates sorting.

Talk to a Real Person When you Have a Question

With Lane Apex you’ll get a live person when you call our office. Everyone on our crew can answer your questions and identify which services will work best for you and your family or business.

Email Billing and Easy Payment Options

Our “Green Bill” program is better for the environment and easier for you. While our autopay program makes your life as simple as possible – your bill is paid automatically and on time each month. You can also pay online through our secure website at http://www.laneapex.com.

Don’t Need Weekly Trash Pickup

It’s no problem with Lane Apex. With our every other week service, you can put your trash, recycling, and yard debris all out on the same week for pickup—it’s so simple.

So Work with a Company That Puts your Needs First

Join our Lane Apex Family. For the past 36 years we’ve been the family-operated disposal company that listens to the needs of our customers every day.

Plus, if you occasionally forget to put your can out, we can come back and pick it up.


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